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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (ETS)

What is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (ETS)?

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases (ETS) are infections that are transmitted through sexual contact, ie during intercourse either vaginal, anal oral sex.

Types of STDs

Genital Warts, chlamydia, herpes genital, gonorrhea, tricomoniasis, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and parasitic infestations.

What are the symptoms?

Many STDs tend to be asymptomatic. Some of them may be presented as:
– Increased vaginal discharge, smelly or denser.
– Itching, pain or burning in the genital level.
– Pain during sex.
– Urinary tract symptoms such as pain or increased frequency.

Should I see a doctor?

Yes, you should go to the gynecologist and not medicate yourself as this can make diagnosis.

Can I keep having sex?

It is advisable to maintain an active sex life until it is not diagnosed and treated properly the ETS.

Can you prevent an STD?

The correct use of condoms is the best method to reduce the risk of STD transmission.

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