Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

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cambios emocionales embarazo obstetricia santiago dexeusThe pregnancy is a period of strong Physical changes, hormonal and emotional woman. Knowing what are the emotional changes that occur more frequently during pregnancy, helps to experience a healthier way.

Mixed feelings

It is common to have ambivalent feelings, feel an inordinate happiness and feel special for the new stage of motherhood, and secondly, have unstable self-esteem by the fact of gaining weight and fear of rejection partner, concerns about the uncertain future, future baby's health, childbirth, as meet new roles or the economic burden. This coupled with physical symptoms as fatigue, acidity, frequent urination, sleepiness or lack of agility and also if you we add The effects of progesterone and estrogen this is normal that frame of mind look altered during the process of pregnancy.

Fortunately, these contradictory thoughts and feelings are gradually disappearing as the woman goes calming and adapting to changes. Unfortunately there are women who are unable to adapt and fail to manage their concerns, increasingly feel more anxious, sad, nerve, frustrated, depressive, with thoughts of death or helplessness or feelings of guilt or worthlessness. When these symptoms persist is necessary to seek professional help to prevent developing a mood disorder such as depression antepartum.

How to prevent a disorder of mood?

    • OK that changes in mood are normal during pregnancy
    • Afford to rest when feeling tired and fatigued
    • Communicate with your partner, with family, people.
    • Share the experience with other women who are or have gone through the experience of motherhood
    • Catastrophic not anticipate. For example, “And if labor is not right, And if the baby is not healthy ... "
    • Caring relationship, strengthen the link.
    • Identify and reduce stress
    • Health care (feeding, exercise,…)
    • Find fun
    • Being permissive, no requirement that everything is perfect

Although pregnancy develops in the woman's body, It is a process that involves especially his partner and their environment in general. Therefore, the role of partner during pregnancy is essential, and often do not know how to react to the emotional skids Woman, unknown how involved, definitely read lack information. For this it is important to inquire or seek professional help, often consult a good professional can prevent conflict and learn to manage situations of healthy and enriching.

The pregnancy is a very special moment in the life of a woman and it can be a wonderful step, since Gynecological Center Dr. Santiago Dexeus We want you to live intensely and remember that moment as one of the happiest times of your life.

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